10 January 2024

Tailored Farm Contracting: Arable, Pastoral and Mixed Farming Solutions

picture of a tractor ploughing farm

With the UK’s total income from farming hitting nearly £6 billion, it’s important to keep the agricultural industry on its feet and producing profit to maintain the country’s economy.

However, for farmers and landowners, the landscape of agriculture in the UK presents a series of challenges. Unpredictable weather, lack of expertise or equipment and even just lack of time and resources can cause great issues if you’re trying to keep your business afloat.

That’s where tailored farming services step in – farm management solutions designed to suit your mixed, arable or pastoral land. Whatever your situation, a reputable farming contractor will be able to give you a helping hand. But what will this look like and how can it help?

Types of Farm Contracting: The Basics

Operations are typically categorised into three primary types, each defined by its unique focus and scope:


To put it simply, arable farming is about growing crops. This spans from wheat and barley to fruit and vegetables, to be sold or used by the farmer for human consumption. In some cases, crops are grown for animal feed.


Also known as livestock farming, this is a type of farming that focuses on producing livestock. This could include anything from dairy farming or rearing sheep for wool.


This type of contract farming is exactly what it says on the tin – a combination of pastoral and arable farming. Traditionally, this will operate on a larger farm, with a mixture of livestock reared and crops grown through the year.

Agricultural Contracting for Arable Farms

Arable farming has a reliance on very specific land characteristics – slightly sloping terrain, fertile soil with balanced moisture, and a warm climate. This demands an intricate combination of human resources and the appropriate machinery.

To help manage the complexities and day-to-day workload, outsourced farming to a trusted contract farmer can help to streamline operations and maximise crop yields.

Here’s a rundown of an arable farms typical operations, and just a few of the ways agricultural contractors can help:


For instance, seed drilling is just one of the many operations that an arable farm must undergo. This promises uniform seed distribution, meticulously planting seeds at precise depths and spacings with a machine that enables improved germination rates and optimised crop growth.

This isn’t for amateurs, but for specialists with the right tools and know-how. Your go-to? A contract farmer who knows the ropes and has the precision tools needed to complete this task effectively.

From ploughing to planting, an agricultural contractor brings not just a tractor but a fleet of modern farm machinery to hire, as well as skilled operators, ensuring every inch of your land is treated with the care it deserves.


Efficiency in crop gathering is redefined during harvest time. Specialised harvesters take centre stage, efficiently cutting and gathering crops.

In the battle against weeds, pests, and diseases, crop sprayers are essential. These precision instruments apply fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides with uniformity. But not everyone has access to these tools, especially those with smaller farms.

Leveraging advanced technologies such as GPS guidance systems, contracted sprayer services ensure timely and accurate application, fostering crop health and yield.

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Post-harvest, the importance of grain storage and handling becomes paramount.

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Contracting services provide access to essential equipment like slurry storage to safely store harvested crops and facilitate their transport for processing or sale. Investing in a slurry stank or lagoon, fitted by an expert contractor, helps to ensure the integrity of the harvest.

Agricultural services for arable farms isn’t merely about machinery; it’s a strategic alliance that lightens the load, enhances precision, and maximises your crop yields.

By leveraging specialised equipment and professional farming support, investing in an agricultural contracting service should be a go-to choice for all farmers needing an extra pair of hands.

Pastoral Farm Contracting: Tailored Solutions for Success

Pastoral farming, characterised by the nurturing and rearing of animals, presents its own set of challenges and demands.

Enter contract farming solutions, not just as support but as tailored strategies, refining operations and boosting efficiency in the art of livestock care and management.

Grazing management

One of the critical aspects of pastoral farming is effective grazing management.

Farm management specialists bring a touch of expertise to pasture management, orchestrating rotational grazing strategies and meticulous pasture maintenance.

It’s not just about keeping the grass green; it’s about optimising grazing conditions for content and healthy livestock.

Livestock handling and care

Handling and caring for livestock isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Agricultural farming comes with skilled personnel, masters in the art of daily feeding routines and health assessments.

This level of support ensures the wellness of the entire herd or flock, crucial for a profitable, well-cared for operation in the long run.

Fodder production and slurry storage

The production of high-quality fodder is crucial for maintaining a consistent and nutritious feed source for livestock. Contract farming services can assist in the cultivation, harvesting, and preservation of fodder crops.

This includes expertise in selecting suitable crops and harvesting, ensuring a reliable feed supply throughout the year.

Infrastructure development and maintenance

From barns to fencing, adequate infrastructure is vital for pastoral farms. Contract farming services can assist in infrastructure development and maintenance, ensuring that facilities are well-designed, safe, and conducive to efficient livestock management.

By leveraging specialised expertise and resources, contract farming becomes a strategic partner in optimising productivity, and ensuring effective pasture management. To maximise the success of your farm, do your research, choose a reputable outsource and establish a contract farming agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Mixed Farming: Tailored Farm Management Solutions

Mixed farming is a combination of arable and pastoral farming which means both animals and plants are reared and grown respectively. This type of farming makes more options of income for farmers making it easy for them to fulfil their basic needs.

For instance, if the crops don’t perform particularly well in one season, the income from animals can make up for the loss.

Contract farming solutions curated for mixed farms encapsulate a holistic approach that recognises the interplay between crops and livestock. This integrated technique includes crop rotation strategies, where crops and livestock feed complement each other, fostering a balanced ecosystem and enhancing soil fertility.

Precision farming techniques

Efficient utilisation of resources is paramount in mixed farming. Contract farming services may employ precision farming techniques, leveraging technology for accurate soil mapping, variable rate applications, and optimised resource management.

This approach maximises crop yields and ensures optimal conditions for livestock while minimising environmental impact.

Diversified infrastructure management

Mixed farms often require a diverse array of infrastructure. Contract farming services can assist in managing this diverse infrastructure, from crop storage facilities to livestock shelters.

This includes maintenance schedules, upgrading facilities for efficiency, and ensuring that infrastructure supports the varied needs of both crops and livestock.

By leveraging specialised knowledge and resources, these solutions become the linchpin for maximising productivity, promoting sustainability, and fostering a balanced ecosystem within mixed farming operations.

Benefits of Tailored Contract Farm Management Solutions

Tailored contract farming solutions offer a spectrum of advantages for farmers and landowners. One of the primary benefits lies in the ability to tailor contracts to specific farm requirements.

picture of an arable farm

Streamlined, tailored operations

This customisation ensures that the contracted services align precisely with the unique needs and goals of the farm, optimising efficiency and resource utilisation.

The essence of contract farming solutions lies in their potential to enhance crop yields. By leveraging specialised equipment, expertise, and strategic planning, these solutions streamline farming operations.

Precision planting techniques, efficient irrigation, and targeted pest management are among the myriad ways tailored solutions boost crop yields, translating to increased productivity for the farm.

Enhancing profitability through specialised farming

The financial bottom line is a crucial aspect of farm management. Tailored contract farming solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing profitability.

Through economies of scale, reduced operational costs, and optimised resource utilisation, these solutions contribute to a more profitable farming venture. Moreover, their specialised nature allows farmers to focus on core competencies while relying on expert support for specialised tasks, thus further bolstering profitability.

In conclusion…

Contract farming proves to be the cornerstone of success for various farms, offering bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs.

Whether it’s arable, pastoral, or mixed farming, these services provide the expertise and resources needed for optimal productivity, resilience, and a sustainable future. It’s not just a partnership; it’s the key to unlocking the full potential of diverse agricultural operations.