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AWSM provides a wide range of professional Environmental Consultancy services to a broad spectrum of industrial sectors, businesses, and individual land managers across the UK. Our Consultancy team provides support to clients regarding environmental matters and is able to respond to an ever-changing regulatory framework.

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    Sectors and activities supported – Waste Management / Intensive Agriculture / Farming / Food and Drink Manufacture / Anaerobic Digestion / Animal Feed / Animal By-Product / Pharmaceutical Industries.

    AWSM Professional Environmental Consultancy Services include – 

    Environmental Permit Applications and Waste Exemptions – Preparation, submission and support during the application process to ensure successful outcomes under the Environmental Permitting Regulations.  This includes applications for new Permits, Variations, Surrender applications and Waste Exemptions.  

    AWSM is able to offer tailored support packages to meet individual client requirements, at any stage of the Permit application process, from selecting the correct Permit, developing application documentation, through to implementation of systems and processes to ensure full and ongoing compliance with the Permit conditions once issued.

    Farming Rules for Water – Our team members are FACTS qualified, boasting a proven track record in supporting farms and land managers. We excel in demonstrating compliance with regulatory guidelines known as the Farming Rules for Water, designed to protect water quality by minimising the risk of pollution from agricultural practices. Being FACTS qualified empowers us to effectively navigate these rules, implementing best practices to safeguard water resources and promote environmental sustainability.

    Moreover, we specialise in meeting Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) requirements, a government-led initiative encouraging environmentally friendly farming practices. Our team excels in developing Nutrient Management Plans aligned with SFI criteria, essential for optimising fertiliser use, promoting soil health, and contributing to a sustainable farming approach. Partner with AWSM Farming to not only meet but exceed SFI requirements, ensuring your farm operates in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

    Environmental Permit Compliance – With a wealth of ‘hand’s on’ and practical experience from being embedded within the technical management teams in industrial sectors, AWSM is very well-placed to support clients in providing sound and pragmatic advice and solutions to ensure ongoing compliance with the conditions of their Environmental Permits and liaising with Regulators. 

    Deployment Applications / Waste to Land – AWSM specialise in the recycling of waste and by-products to land, and have an unrivalled knowledge base in all aspects of this specialised area.  AWSM provides support to clients from the initial screening and assessment of the suitability of wastes and receiving land / crops, to sampling and interpretive analysis of wastes and soils, through to preparing successful deployment applications. 

    Training and WAMITAB – AWSM team members hold Technically Competent Manager (TCM) status via the CIWM / WAMITAB training scheme for a range of waste activities.  The team can provide TCM support for clients and are able to mentor client’s staff through training schemes to obtain the necessary qualifications.

    Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – The AWSM Professional Services team can design and successfully deliver the implementation of bespoke Environmental Management Systems (EMS), including to ISO 14001 certification.  A documented EMS ensures that policies and procedures are effectively understood and implemented.  An integrated EMS improves operational efficiency and is essential both in terms of internal audit and external regulatory audit / inspection. 

    Environmental Management Plans (EMP)- The AWSM Professional Services team routinely develops and support clients with the implementation of Environmental Management Plans. The team undertake Environmental Risk Assessments, Audits and Gap Analysis in line with current best practice and regulatory guidance to ensure these management plans are pragmatic and focus on individual client requirements. Environmental Management Plans developed include, but not limited to: Odour Management Plans, Noise Management Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, Nutrient and Manure Management Plans.  

    Carbon Emissions Reporting and Sustainability– The AWSM Professional Services team support clients with data collection, recording and reporting under Carbon Emission schemes.  In addition, we support clients to ensure that they achieve and maintain compliance with internationally recognised sustainability standards such as the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).

    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Analysis Quality Management Systems – Supporting the food manufacturing sector, AWSM has undertaken HACCP Studies to identify critical control points and developed associated Quality Management Systems to ensure full compliance with the regulatory requirements.  These systems have been successfully audited in line with assurance schemes, including the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

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    The Professional Services team at AWSM are able to support client projects, no matter the size or scale and would be pleased to hear from you.  In the first instance, please contact Edward Bennett – Environmental Manager, to discuss your requirements in further detail:

    E: edward@awsmfarms.co.uk / info@awsmrecycling.co.uk 

    P: 07946 038550 / 0183 362 7207

    A: Lane Head Farm, Lane Head, Hutton Magna, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 7HF