Removing waste is easier said than done, especially when you want to remove it in a way that’s easy, efficient and good for our planet. But we’re here to take the hassle out of your hands.

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    Here at AWSM, we offer a full service for waste and PAS100 products from land finding, haulage and application to land – we’ve got the whole process covered.

    Waste Spreading Services

    With our Mobile Land Spreading Permit, we can spread certain waste streams to land for agricultural benefit. 

    To ensure we’re always compliant, we use the expert guidance of our in-house team of land finders and our environmental team to complete the necessary deployments to the Environment Agency. This also includes FACTS qualified personnel for calculating nutrient requirements and benefits. 

    Also, we have an industry-leading Environmental Management System in place to ensure all operations run efficiently and all waste is handled in a compliant manner, alongside our very own haulage fleet to collect and deliver the waste. Also, we can supply Trackway and excavators to stockpile materials.

    Finally, we also have the latest, superior spreading equipment to ensure all solid waste products are evenly distributed across every single inch of land.