Plant Hire

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    AWSM Farming offer a range of plants available for you to lease throughout your desired timescales. All plants are available fully operated by a qualified professional supplied by AWSM Farming, or alternatively, customers can rent machinery on a self-drive basis.

    What is Plant Hire?

    Plant hire is the renting or hiring of equipment, tools and machinery required to carry out certain jobs within their specific industry. Plant hire can include the rental of smaller hand-held tools up to the hiring of larger machinery including diggers, excavators, trailers and mixers. Plant hire is a more economical option available to those who have no requirement to permanently buy large pieces of machinery or equipment. It also allows those who are unable to operate the machinery themselves to rent farming equipment with the support of a trained professional, or team of operators, to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently.


    AWSM are able to provide our customers with a 3 Ton Mini Digger, ideal to use on a farm to support in levelling areas and creating trenches. Diggers can be hired to increase the speed at which a task can be completed, including the digging of holes and trenches. Diggers can also be used to remove trees and deep roots and also for digging off gardens and driveways for paving or levelling. A mini digger is also reasonably quickly, with tow-speed tracking often standard on these models. The size of the cab and machinery also allows for this digger to fit easily into small areas, which is beneficial for using around farms with multiple outhouses and buildings.


    The 16 Ton 360 Degree Excavator is available to hire from AWSM farming, offering a versatile and easy to transport option for those requiring a tool to work in even some of the tightest spots. The excavator is able to turn 360 degrees, offering a range of applications for the machinery and ensuring manoeuvrability and controllability.

    Dump Trailers & Low Ground Pressure Dumpers

    Available in a variety of sizes, Dump Trailers offer manoeuvrable capacity for transporting large amounts of product or rubble. Complete with drawbar, towing eye, mudguards and flaps and hydraulic brakes, Dump Trailers are essential when undertaking large-scale agricultural services or overhauling and amending the ground.

    Low Ground Pressure Dumpers are available to lease from AWSM Farming. These tracked vehicles are ideal for transporting matter, whilst negotiating uneven or softer ground, enabling speed to be maintained whilst ensuring a low impact on the ground beneath.

    Low Load Trailers

    An integral aspect of performing agricultural service tasks will include the usage of a low loader trailer. These robust trailers are able to transport large and cumbersome machinery with reasonable ease. Offering strength and durability, a low loader trailer is able to transport farming vehicles and adapt to user requirement where necessary, to carry commercial vehicles and other machinery.

    Concrete Pan Mixer & Concrete Shuttering

    An industrial or agricultural concrete pan mixer is used to ensure that top quality concrete mix is created and ready to use when required. They can be fixed to a tractor or agricultural vehicle in order to assist in application.

    AWSM Farming provides a range of agricultural services and plant hire options to suit all of your requirements. To find out how we can supply your farm with machinery and tools required, or to find out about our other plant hire options, get in touch today.