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    Two new balers have been added to the fleet for the 2013 season. A Kuhn round baler with optional chopping knives, and a new Massey Ferguson 2150 mini Hesston square baler. The addition of these to our lineup should hopefully give us the capacity and reliability to get crops baled up within the minimum of time.

    We have up to 3 round balers available and 3 square balers if needed.

    Bale clearance and leading can be offered and a Heath Super Bale Chaser is available for clearing large quantities of large square bales to the headland for reloading or back to the farm keeping compaction to a minimum.

    What is hay baling?

    Hay baling involves cutting, collecting and compacting crops, usually a mixture of grasses, with a hay baler. The piece of farm machinery collects the hay, compacts it and wraps it inside the bale chamber, ejecting compacted bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store. Hay bales are normally made of crops such as hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay, or silage.

    What is a hay baler?

    Put simply, a hay baler is a machine that creates hay bales. There are two main types of hay baler, those that create round, or cylindrical, bales and those that create a square, or rectangular, bales. Both have their benefits, but their process is relatively similar; hay is picked up off of the ground and then compressed into the desired shape and size, before being pushed back onto the field as the hay baler begins the process once again.

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