Farm Waste

Here at AWSM, we’re an appointed contractor for Solway Recycling offering farm plastic waste collection all the way from the north of York to Morpeth. Currently, we offer the Bin and Liner system, which allows for a cost-effective, simple and tidy farm waste recycling process.

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    Farm Waste Management Solution

    The idea behind this system is simple, you only pay for what we take away. No annual or registration fees to worry about, we simply charge per filled liner we collect from you. Each liner is capable of holding 200-250 silage wraps or 100-125 empty 600kg bags.

    Every farmer is supplied with a free NFWS Waste Policy, which includes a Recycling Certificate, a section for storing Waste Transfer Notes (issued each time a Controlled Waste is uplifted). And at the end of every year, every farm will receive an annual statement detailing all of the holdings waste movements for that period. 

    Tyre Recycling

    Currently, we handle tyre recycling, which turns the waste into rubber chip which can be utilised for all kinds of different purposes. Due to our hard work, we also recently won a contract to recycle over 1200 tonnes of tyres. Overall, our farm waste collection services are the best of the best.