Hook Lift Trailer

Providing your farm with a wealth of versatility, hook lift trailers can carry out various different tasks by being able to attach different bodies quickly and easily.

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    Our Hook Lift Trailers

    A hooklift truck offers unbeatable adaptability, offering an efficient agricultural service solution for managing the transportation of grains and further products. 

    Our eight wheeler agricultural hook lift trailers are perfect for transporting skips and tankers of various sizes, alongside meeting an array of agricultural needs. All in all, a hooklift truck not only saves you time by offering you a range of services all in one, but it can save you plenty of pennies too, eradicating the need to hire additional tractors or trailers. 

    Our Eight Wheeler Hook Lift Wagon include:

    • Skips in various sizes
    • 3000-gallon vacuum tanker complete with jetter
    • Flat skip
    • Flat plant skip
    • Skip with built-in hiab