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    What are Grasslands?

    Grasslands are areas primarily dominated by vegetation such as grasses, wedge, and rush. These areas of land are used for agricultural farming, often reserved for the growth of crops and feeding livestock. The crop is then typically baled using a number of different harvesting methods.

    Clamp Silage

    Clamp silage differs from baling silage in the storage fashion. It is prepared in the same way, by packing tightly together the produce, sealing out the air and then placing it in a clamp, rather than in a round or square bale.


    The management and maintaining of your meadows and grasslands require regular mowing agricultural services. The act of mowing grassland allows farmers to remove weeds, replace any damaged turf, improve drainage and irrigate the land, compact the soil and allow for the better application of chemicals and treatments.


    The tedding of grassland is an agricultural service that is performed following the mowing process. Tedding turns over and spreads out the grass, straw or hay in order for it to dry. This agricultural service process is typically performed using hay tedders and may need to be performed more than once following a first initial drying process.


    Following the mowing and tedding process, the next agricultural service to be completed is raking. Raking is performed once the hay is nearly dry and is performed to ensure that the bottom of the crop pie is also dry. The process turns the hay into a window, which prepares the product to be baled. Ensuring the hay is rolled to be neither too loose or too tight, will ensure that you avoid a roping effect that can result in a clogged baler.

    Round & Square Baling

    Baling is the process of forming the dried hay or crop product into either round or square bales read for storage and transportation. Round bales are often easy to handle using a two-spike loader fork, they are also formed in such a way that they are harder for water to penetrate the seal. Due to the nature of round bales, they often require heightened power requirements and weight compaction machinery. Square bales are preferable for horses and for use in mechanical bale feeders. These bales are also more easy to stack and store, however, they must be kept out of the rain as square bales are more susceptible to rain, which can damage the whole product. Square balers are typically more expensive to purchase in comparison to round balers, whoever utilising the agricultural services of professional farming providers, can cut the costs of having to buy your own machinery.

    Grass Harrowing

    Grass harrowing is carried out as regular pasture management, preferably performed in the spring following grazing. Grass harrowing is performed prior to any fertiliser application and is typically performed using chain harrows. The harrowing process aims to remove dead thatch, whilst lifting vegetation and leveling any discrepancies in the ground. The process allows root aeration, allowing the ground to breathe and water infiltration to improve. This agricultural service should be performed during warm and dry conditions, allowing for the most effective pasture renovation and removal of dead grass.

    Flat Rolling

    Rolling is an agricultural service that is typically used to break up large sections of soil following the plowing process or compaction silage for a fine result. The benefits of compacted silage allow for the product to be more easily cut as well as churning out a more stable product.

    Slot Seeding

    The slot seeding system was developed to increase the productivity of grassland. It introduces various species of vegetation which include white clover and ryegrass, which is usually performed using a slot seeder and band sprayer. The combination of these two pieces of machinery allows for the seeds to be laid whilst being sprayed with a herbicide to protect them.

    Our full range of equipment and skills mean we are able to offer the following services:

    • Foraging and clamp silage complete or part operation
    • Mowing with a mower conditioner
    • Tedding
    • Raking
    • Round baling
    • Square baling
    • Wrapping and stacking
    • Grass harrowing
    • Flat rolling
    • Establishment of new grass leys
    • Slot seeding