Heavy Haulage

Heavy haulage is the commercial transport of heavy, large items to help with the maintenance of your farm, such as machinery.

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    Our Heavy Haulage Services

    Transporting large, heavy items takes a whole load of organisation and great care. 

    After all, it’s highly likely that these heavy-duty loads will be expensive, specialised farming equipment, typically heavy haulage vehicles including semi-loaders, loaders and dolly systems. 

    Haulage Management

    And not only that, heavy haulage also includes an in-depth management system to organise the movement of goods and machinery properly. It’s an incredibly important factor to consider, ensuring proper safety and care when it comes to transporting farming goods. 

    Here at AWSM, we’ll manage your heavy haulage requirements so you know your equipment, products and machinery are always well-looked after and delivered both on time and on budget.