In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly more important to take care of our planet. And disposing of your waste properly is a huge contributor towards this, but it can be a pain.

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    Liquid Waste Management Solutions

    No need to worry anymore about how to manage liquid waste. We’re here to take the problem out of your hands with our full liquid waste recycling services for liquid waste and PAS110 products, taking it through the full process of haulage, external storage and application to land.

    Waste Spreading Services

    Our Mobile Land Spreading Permit allows us to spread certain waste streams to land for agricultural benefit, which is all made possible by our in-house team of land finders and environmental team who complete the necessary deployments to the Environment Agency. This also includes FACTS qualified personnel for calculating nutrient requirements and benefits. 

    Currently, we have an industry-leading Environmental Management System to ensure any waste is handled in a compliant manner, alongside our very own haulage fleet to collect and deliver products for spreading. 

    Tried & Tested Services

    However, more often than not, these products need to be stored prior to application. But we’ve got that covered too. We also provide bespoke storage solutions, and are currently the UK agent for the Genap Silo System.

    Due to our strong farming roots, we have a complete understanding of how to get these valuable products to land, alongside a range of application systems to get the product distributed evenly onto the land at the time the crops need them. 

    To watch a video of the Xerion, click here.