Spraying, Spreading & Injecting

Maintaining the quality of your soil and taking good care of your crops are some of the most important parts about growing a farm that’s not only fit to survive, but thrive. Whether you need a crop sprayer, compost spreader or our farm manure injecting services, we’re here to get your land and crops in tiptop shape.

Crop Spraying

Spraying your crops with preventative treatments is essential for keeping those pesky bugs at bay and protecting your yield, but it takes a lot of product knowledge and some top-quality pesticide sprayer to get it done right. Let our agricultural spraying contractors give you a helping hand so we can ensure your crops are protected, every day of the year.

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Digestate Spreading

Using our high-quality machinery and years of experience and knowledge, our digestate spreading services are just what you need to maintain the health of your soil and produce the best possible results.

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Fertiliser and Lime Spreading

Both traditional fertiliser and lime spreading can enrich your land with a whole host of nutrients to benefit your crops immensely. Here at AWSM, we can supply and spread high-quality fertiliser and lime products using our state-of-the-art lime spreader and land spreading machinery – no need for you to worry about a thing.

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Manure Spreading

To ensure our customers are enjoying great results time and time again, we’ve invested in solid, high-quality machinery to evenly distribute manure to maintain the quality of your soil.

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Slurry Spreading

Evenly distributing your slurry is a key part of effective farming, both to stimulate crop growth and enhance the quality of your soil and pasture. That way, you can keep your livestock happy and healthy. That being said, it can be hard work without the right resources and equipment, but that’s what we’re here for!

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Slurry Injecting

To stimulate the growth of crops, slurry injecting is a great technique – but it’s not easy to complete without the right machinery and know-how. Our slurry injection equipment allows your slurry to be evenly distributed across every inch of your land, so that you can reap the rewards later down the line.

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