Contract Farming in County Durham

With a staggering total income from farming in the North East at £258 million and an expansive farmed area spanning approximately 622,000 hectares, it’s no surprise that farmers need a helping hand. Contract farming in County Durham could be the solution you need, and AWSM Farming stands ready to be your trusted farm partnership.

  • Streamlined operations and process to optimise crop production
  • Personalised solutions, tailored to the local landscape and market
  • A comprehensive suite of year-round services, flexible to your farm’s needs

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    Elevate your farming success with tailored agricultural contracting. County Durham’s finest, choose AWSM Farming as your trusted partner

    What Difference Does Choosing a Farm Contractor in County Durham make?

    Contract farming in County Durham is a popular trade, one that needs experts to get the job done right. If you’re considering entering an agricultural agreement with a contractor, choosing local is the way to go.

    You’ll benefit from closer proximity in case of emergencies, specialised local expertise according to the region’s market fluctuations, land type and more, as well as getting a partner that is dedicated to your success. Make a difference – choose AWSM Farming for unparalleled success.

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    Comprehensive County Durham Farm Services

    AWSM Farming takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of farm services in County Durham, including:

    • Whole farm contracting: From planting to harvesting, entrust us with the seamless management of your entire farm operation.
    • Manure and organic waste spreading: Enhance soil fertility and promote sustainable farming practices with our efficient manure and organic waste spreading services.
    • Crop spraying: Utilising advanced techniques, we combat pests and diseases to keep your crops healthy.
    • Fertiliser and lime spreading: Precision application methods help achieve balanced soil fertility, contributing to healthier and more productive crops.
    • Combining and grain haulage: Rely on us for a timely and thorough harvest, ensuring your crops are handled with care.
    • Machinery hire: Access cutting-edge equipment for specific tasks, optimising efficiency and productivity. Experience complete flexibility with specific machinery for certain seasons and tasks.

    We’re here to ensure your specific needs are met with precision and expertise.

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    Benefits of Choosing AWSM for County Durham Farming Support

    Explore the distinctive advantages that set us apart as your preferred farm contractor and support provider in the region.

    Local Expertise, Tailored Solutions

    Benefit from our deep-rooted understanding of County Durham’s agricultural intricacies. AWSM Farming brings localised expertise to the forefront, offering tailored solutions that align precisely with the unique demands of the region’s diverse farming landscape.

    From whole farm contracting to specialised services, our approach is finely tuned to County Durham’s specific needs. Arable farming makes up 31% of farmed area in the North East, and it takes an expert to know this land.

    Innovative Technology for Efficient Farming

    Choose AWSM Farming for access to cutting-edge technology that enhances overall farm productivity.

    Our commitment to innovation ensures that your farm benefits from the latest advancements in agricultural practices. From precision farming techniques to modern equipment, we integrate innovative solutions to streamline your operations efficiently.

    Transparent Contracts for Mutual Success

    At AWSM Farming, transparency and fairness are at the core of our partnerships. Our contracts are designed for mutual success, aligning with your goals and fostering a sustainable approach to farming in County Durham.

    Whether you’re exploring farm partnerships or seeking specialised agricultural agreements, AWSM Farming ensures clarity and a solid framework for success.

    How to manage a farm without staff?

    Implement efficient automation, explore collaborative partnerships, and outsource specialised services. AWSM Farming supports efficient farm management in County Durham, providing tailored solutions without a full-time staff.

    How to save money on farm contracting?

    Optimise costs by bundling services, regularly maintaining equipment, and exploring cost-effective solutions. AWSM Farming specialises in efficient and cost-effective farm contracting services in County Durham – contact us for tailored solutions.