Crop Spraying

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    What is Crop Spraying?

    Crop spraying is the process of spraying insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and other preventative treatments onto crops. Previously known in agricultural services as ‘crop dusting,’ the process is used to cover large areas of crops and protect them from local bugs and pests.

    Crop spraying is just one of the many agricultural and farm contracting services that we offer at AWSM Farming. Click here for more information on how we could help your farm thrive.

    Traditionally, the process had been applied using planes, that would spread the pesticide over the crops from a height. Modern methods now include using quad bikes, boom sprayers and even drones, to more accurately disperse the treatment without affecting surrounding homes and wildlife.

    What is a Pest?

    Crop spraying is used to deter pests causing damage to crops. A pest is a biological organism that will interfere with the production of crops, ultimately affecting the quantity or quality of the yield. If left untreated, pests can interfere greatly with the production of crops, resulting in irreversible effects on crops, ultimately resulting in higher costs for consumers.

    Why is Crop Spraying Used?

    Crop spraying is used as part of an agricultural service offering to protect crops from local pets and bugs, which are likely to destroy, eat and infest crops if left untreated. Crop spraying can provide the accurate application of the pesticide or fertiliser and can provide a highly economical option, to prevent loss of product.

    Protection from pests can differ depending on climate, geological locations, and overall environment. Farming services aim to utilise crop spraying to prevent the infestation of pests and disease. By utilising crop protection products, such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, farmers can prevent the growth and spread of weed species and diseases that can afflict crops as well as harmful bugs and insects.

    Location of the farm will affect the types of agricultural services required, including the types of crop protection products that are required. To determine the types of products needed to maintain levels of pests and disease, farmers must be able to understand how and why individual pesticides work and which crop spraying chemical is most appropriate.

    Modes of action are the term used to differentiate how certain products work, and relates to the classification of the chemical. Understanding these will mean that you utilise crop protection effectively, however, if you are unsure of the types of crop spraying you required, it is important to consult with an agricultural service provider.

    Our Crop Spraying Fleet

    At AWSM Farming, we operate some crop spraying machinery, available to use as part of our agricultural service offering. All of our machinery is highly maintained and can be provided with operations staff, to help improve your farming efficiency.

    The Bateman RB35 self-propelled machine comes equipped with a 4000-litre tank and boom configurations, from 12 metres up to 28 metres if required. The machinery is equipped with either flotation tyres or row crop wheels, that can be fitted to suit the type of crop and your current ground conditions. Our machine is fitted with the latest GPS guidance technology, assisting in steering and coordination of the vehicle. Auto boom height sensors allow us to apply and distribute the product extremely accurately and efficiently.

    Our second machine that is used for corp spraying agricultural services is a secondary Trailed 24m 4000 litre sprayer. This sprayer is available as a back-up during busy periods, for us to efficiently meet key timings of product application, where our clients time is restricted.

    For harder to reach areas of your fields and arms, we offer optional extra services including; quad bike spraying, nap sack spraying, and a 1200 litre boom-less sprayer, with the capability to spray at 6 metres wide. These agricultural services are specifically designed to make application to steep hills; small paddocks and moorland, easier and more accessible.

    All of our crop spraying machines are NSTS tested and certified, independently each year. All operatives are qualified and experienced representatives of AWSM Farming. Our spread of larger water tanks are widely available, alongside the ability to provide clients with a water bowser, ensures that we can provide our clients with a water supply to the sprayer.

    What do farmers spray on fields?

    Farmers spray a variety of things on fields, all of which are designed to help crops grow as best they can. These can be fertilisers to provide essential nutrients to plants, or they can be pesticides or herbicides designed to suppress harmful pests or plants that can otherwise prevent plants from growing as best they can.

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