Rigid Flatbed

As the name would suggest, these vehicles are trucks with a totally flat bed with no outer sides or roof.

Because of this structure, it makes for easy, efficient loading and unloading of goods from the vehicle. As long as these goods are not vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, a rigid flatbed vehicle is perfect for a busy day on the farm.

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    Our Rigid Flatbed Vehicles

    All our rigid flatbeds are complete with hiabs so they remain easy and adaptable to your various requirements. ‘Hiab’ is the abbreviated brand name for Hydrauliska Industri AB, a Swedish corporation, generally meaning a ‘lorry mounted crane’. 

    These mobile and often demountable cranes can be mounted on one of our vehicles or trucks. We offer mobile cranes in four core styles, including:

    • Rough-terrain
    • Floating 
    • Crawlers 
    • Mounted