16 June 2020

The Importance of Choosing The Right Rabbit Proof Fencing for Farmers

Rabbit proof fencing is becoming increasingly popular within farms of all sizes as more and more farmers invest in protecting their grounds and crops.

Especially during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many farmers are using this time as an opportunity to improve their facilities and make significant changes to their land, which will prove to be profitable long term.

When considering an investment in rabbit proof fencing, farmers need to pay close attention to the areas of land, which will be improved as well as opting for a solution that is cruelty-free as well as effective.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide for you to consider before choosing the best rabbit proof fencing.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Rabbit Proof Fencing

Fencing is now one of the most common ways to protect all areas of land. Still, there are a few considerations that need to be taken into account before installation, particularly when it comes to rabbit proof fencing.

First and foremost, it is vital to ensure that any fencing is installed in a way that sufficiently keeps animals and pests away, but does not harm them. With growing concerns of theft, damage and loss, it can be easy to install fencing that protects land, but can be cruel to animals.

Where rabbit proof fencing is concerned, this is typically installed by farmers to protect crops over anything else. It is also more difficult to successfully install than a standard fencing solution, as deeply embedded fencing and posts need to be used to ensure that rabbits are unable to burrow under and reach your crops.

As opposed to traditional wood fencing, rabbit proof fencing is typically installed using wire. Wire works well as it is stretched between heavy strutted posts and corners, with the tension helping to keep out rabbits trying to get through. While it was traditionally made from galvanised mild steel, it is much more common nowadays to use high-tensile steel which is proven to be more durable.

Rabbit proof fencing installation at AWSM Farming

At AWSM Farming, we offer a range of fencing installation services which includes rabbit proof fencing, which can even be sourced by us if required. Our high capacity post knocker is also available to rent for those who wish to install their own fencing, which is charged at our daily rate.

In addition to wire rabbit proof fencing, we are able to install wood fencing and synthetic fencing in accordance with specific laws in place in the UK.

We’d like to thank our brilliant customers for their support during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. If there’s anything we can do for you; please do not hesitate to contact us today.