24 November 2023

Agricultural Machinery Hire: Flexibility for Every Season

crop harvesting rental

Picture this: you require a specific machine for a particular season on the farm but you don’t want to fork out the money and purchase it upfront. After all, you won’t be using it in a few months.

It’s a dilemma every farmer has faced before, and one that can be easily solved with agricultural machinery hire. Whether you’re looking for the ideal solution for ploughing through winter snow or gearing up for summer’s demanding tasks, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what we’ll be looking into:

Our aim is to help you make an informed decision and ensure your farming operations run smoothly year-round.

The Seasonal Farming Landscape

For those who call the farm their second home, having the right equipment on hand can be the difference between a profitable yield and an empty field.

The life of a British farmer typically follows a similar rhythm, with certain tasks and duties being carried out as the seasons progress – as highlighted by Countryfile.

However, unpredictable weather patterns in the UK make it imperative for farmers across the nation to stay agile. As the seasons ebb and flow, so should your machinery.

This is where the usefulness of agriculture equipment hire shines through, offering the flexibility to adapt without burdening farmers with the substantial costs associated with buying and maintaining equipment.

Why Choose Agricultural Machinery Hire Over Buying Your Own?


Farm equipment rental is all about getting the job done without being tied down to the machinery year-round. Whether you require machinery for a few weeks or a few months, there are options designed to cater to everyone’s unique needs.

This means you can sidestep the financial burden of buying a model that might only serve a singular purpose or for a short-term project.

winter snow plough hire

For example, if you need a snow plough during the winter, why invest in a piece of equipment that will only collect dust for the rest of the year?

With snow removal machinery hire, farmers have the power to access the precise equipment they need, precisely when they need it. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure you’re only paying for what you use.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Let’s face it; farm machinery doesn’t come cheap. Research by AHDB has found that growers spend too much on their machinery which, on average, accounted for 25-30% of the farm’s wheat-growing cost.

  • Try Before You Buy: Test machinery and do your research before purchasing, ensuring it’s a perfect fit for your farm’s needs and operations.
  • Reduced Up-Front Costs: Enjoy the benefits of farm equipment rental, which demands far less initial investment than buying machinery, freeing up capital for other business essentials.
  • Tax Efficiency: Opt for equipment rental and benefit from 100% deductible business expenses, leading to reduced tax liabilities. It’s a savvy financial move that impacts your bottom line positively.

At AWSM Farming, we understand that every penny counts in the world of agriculture, and our plant and machinery rental options are designed to enhance your cost-effectiveness. Experience, savings, and tax efficiency – all part of the advantages you gain when choosing us as your farm machinery providers.


Machinery needs maintenance, especially tractors, whose longevity is measured in engine hours, not miles. The average tractor has a lifespan of 4,000 hours or more. If you own one, you’d be responsible for replacing it when it reaches the end of its life.

Additionally, tractors demand regular and skillful maintenance, as emphasised in resources like NFU Online. Your tractor may be used a lot less during the winter, but it can’t be neglected.

Regular upkeep and servicing are essential to ensure it’s ready for the demanding summer months. But this isn’t easy, it takes a skilled and qualified expert.

The advantage of tractor hire is that you can offload this responsibility, knowing your equipment is always in top shape when you need it.

Tailoring Equipment Usage to Seasonal Demand

When it comes to farming, one size doesn’t fit all, especially when seasons change the game. Renting farm machinery brings a crucial advantage – customisation. With agricultural machinery hire, you can scale your equipment usage precisely according to seasonal demand.

Spring calls for planting and cultivating, crop planting equipment rental like tractors and ploughs. As summer arrives, it’s time for irrigation and weed control, where equipment like sprayers and mowers come into play.

Come autumn, the focus shifts to harvesting, and specialised crop harvesting equipment like combine harvesters take the stage. And when winter blankets the fields in snow, the need for winter agricultural machinery suppliers become paramount. Gritting and snow ploughing equipment ensures easy access to your property is maintained.

Expert Operation

When you opt for farm machinery rental from experts like our team at AWSM Farming, you’re not just gaining access to top-tier equipment; you can also tap into their extensive expertise.

Complex machinery can be daunting, but with a professional team by your side, you have the option to have a skilled operator do the heavy lifting for you.

Understanding the Cost of Agricultural Machinery Rental

The expenses vary based on the type of machinery needed and the duration of hire, aligning precisely with your seasonal demands.

That makes it quite tricky to come up with a definite price. Luckily, there’s a number of handy tools to help you calculate the costs of hiring different equipment per hour and per hectare.

farm machinery rental

Assessing the expenses of owning versus hiring farming machinery is crucial. Ownership entails hefty initial investments and ongoing maintenance costs, while renting allows for more flexibility and eliminates long-term financial commitments.

This nuanced understanding empowers farmers to weigh up the expenses and benefits.

The Versatility of Agricultural Machinery Hire

Agricultural machinery offerings need to be tailored to meet the demands of each season.

Our diverse range includes a 3-ton mini digger, enabling swift completion of tasks like hole and trench digging, enhancing operational speed. Alongside diggers, we provide excavators, trailers, tractors, and telehandlers, ensuring comprehensive solutions for varied farming needs.

Embracing technological advancements, our equipment boasts GPS auto-steering, elevating precision during spraying, drilling, or planting, ensuring comfortable and accurate manoeuvring.

As your farm machinery rental suppliers, we provide expert guidance on optimal equipment selection. For instance, in spring, our KRM Bogballe Spreader ensures precise fertiliser distribution, guaranteeing exceptional results for your fields. Count on us for unmatched precision and superior outcomes in every farming task.

AWSM Farming: Your Trusted Partner for Year-Round Farming

As expert agricultural machinery suppliers, we have a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving seasonal demands in agriculture. We’re ready to support your operations at every turn with state-of-the-art agricultural machinery.

Our diverse range of equipment, from mini diggers to precision-driven GPS auto-steering machinery, is meticulously curated to cater to every facet of farming.

With transparent and flexible rental options, we alleviate the financial burden associated with purchasing and maintaining machinery, offering you the freedom to adapt to changing seasonal requirements without long-term commitments.

Whether you need equipment for ploughing, harvesting, or managing every aspect of your farm, AWSM Farming is the go-to choice.

What is the most important piece of farm equipment?

The most crucial farm equipment varies based on operations. Essentials like tractors, combines, and ploughs are vital, but their importance depends on specific farming needs and the weather conditions.

Why choose farm machinery hire over buying your own?

Hiring machinery offers flexibility without hefty upfront costs. It suits varying seasonal needs without the financial burden of ownership or long-term maintenance.

What is the cost of agricultural machinery rental?

Rental costs vary based on machinery type and duration. Speak to a trusted machinery hire provider, such as AWSM, to speak about the needs of your farm to get an accurate quote.