3 July 2024

Reasons to use contract drilling services for arable and mixed-use farms

Drilling machine in a field sowing seeds

The more crops you can produce from your seeds with less time spent on planting, the better – but this might seem like an impossible combination.

However, seed drilling is an invaluable solution for arable and mixed-use farms, transforming your planting processes to ensure you get the most from your crops. But there’s a catch – seed drilling can be an expensive task, requiring advanced equipment and skilled operators. And neither of those come cheap.

Outsourcing to a contractor might be the perfect solution, giving you the efficiency and precision you need, without the hefty investment. Discover how contract drilling can enhance your farm’s productivity and save you time and money.

How does a seed drill in agriculture work?

Seed drilling is a method of planting seeds at precise intervals and depths using a mechanical drill. This technique ensures consistent seed distribution, which is crucial for uniform crop growth. The precision of seed drilling helps in reducing seed wastage, improving germination rates, and enhancing overall farm efficiency.

Seedling growing in a field

Seed drill vs. hand broadcasting

Before the seed drill, farmers used hand broadcasting to plant seeds, a time-consuming and wasteful method – necessitating a larger workforce and a lot of effort for minimal gain. In contrast, the seed drill automates the planting process, covering large areas quickly and reducing labour requirements.

The precision of a seed drill ensures uniform seed depth and spacing, promoting consistent crop growth under optimal conditions. Manual broadcasting often results in uneven seed placement, leading to irregular germination and crop development.

Although the initial investment in a seed drill is higher, it proves cost-effective in the long run by lowering operational costs through reduced labour and minimised seed wastage. Additionally, seed drills minimise soil disturbance, preserving soil structure and health for future planting.

Benefits of using outsourced seed drilling services

So, while the benefits of seed drilling are clear, the drawback is the expense of getting one for yourself. Additionally, your current workforce may lack the expertise to operate this complex machinery, potentially affecting the quality of work.

However, opting for contract drilling services alleviates these concerns. Here are the top three benefits:

  1. Efficiency and precision: Professional drilling services ensure accurate seed placement and optimal growth conditions. Expert operators use state-of-the-art machinery to achieve consistent and precise planting, which enhances germination rates and crop yields. Contract farmers have years of training to know how to use these machines properly. That means that you’re not just hiring the equipment, you’re enlisting the expertise of skilled operators who will ensure your fields are planted to perfection every time. This means fewer errors, higher standards, and a more successful harvest.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Why spend a fortune on expensive equipment and training when you can outsource the job to experts? Contract drilling services save you the hefty upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining a seed drill and tractor. Plus, you avoid the ongoing expenses of labour and potential mistakes, keeping your budget in check.
  3. Flexibility: Adaptability is key in farming, and contract drilling services offer the scalability to handle farms of all sizes and crop types. Whether you have a small plot or expansive fields, these services can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring optimal planting regardless of the scale or diversity of your crops. And of course, the services required can easily grow with your business.

Contract drilling services clearly offer a multitude of advantages. Paired with other agricultural contracting services, you can increase the efficiency of your operations tenfold. To read more about how you can streamline your farm management, read our full blog on the benefits of contract farming.

drilling machine in a field sowing seeds

AWSM’s contract farm drilling services

Top of the range equipment

Our contract drilling services utilise advanced drilling machinery designed for precise seed dispersion, ensuring optimal crop growth. Our equipment accurately measures and distributes seeds, making the planting process quicker and more efficient. We cater to both large-scale and smaller-scale drilling needs, providing flexibility to suit any farm size.

All drilling services are performed using tractors equipped with flotation tyres. Our GPS automatic steering systems deliver accuracy within 5cm, minimising overlap and creating precise tramlines. This precision allows for more accurate fertiliser and spray applications, reducing waste and enhancing crop management.

Experienced team

Our team of skilled operators brings extensive expertise to every job. With years of experience in the field, they ensure that all drilling operations are executed to the highest standards. Their knowledge and proficiency with advanced machinery guarantee that your fields are planted perfectly, maximising crop potential and farm productivity.

AWSM’s contract drilling services combine cutting-edge technology with expert know-how, so you can take your crop production to the next level. Get in touch with our team today.

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