3 April 2024

Covering Your Assets: Benefits of Slurry Tank Covers for Farmers

Slurry Tanks

So, you’ve got your slurry tanks in place, but what’s missing? The slurry store cover. Often overlooked but incredibly crucial, your slurry storage cover keeps what you want in and what you don’t want out.

Whether it’s a self-supporting storage cover or a floating one, they both serve one vital purpose: keeping everything from the outside getting inside. Rainwater, snow, sleet, hail, sunshine, you name it, it needs to be kept away from your nutrient-rich slurry. However, knowing what to get for your storage system can sometimes feel like a bit of a headache.

From understanding why your cover is so integral to choosing the right one for you, here’s everything you need to know about slurry storage covers.

Getting You Farm Storage Solutions Right

Slurry storage systems vary in size and design, serving as essential repositories for animal waste and organic matter, which later become incredible crop fertilisers.

When it comes to managing your farm’s slurry, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. These storage systems come in all shapes and sizes, serving as an essential repository for collecting animal waste and organic matter that will eventually transform into an incredible crop fertiliser. Today we’re talking about the slurry store covers, but if you’d like to know everything about the storage system itself, you can read our full slurry storage guide here.

However, to make sure you’re properly preserving those valuable nutrients in your tank, you need to keep the elements out. Slurry tank cover benefits are far-reaching, locking in nutrients, preventing loss of nutrients and – perhaps most importantly – keeping those unmistakable odours at bay (yes, we’re talking about manure here). It’s not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. So much so that the Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019 states that all slurry stores must be covered by 2027.

With different types of slurry storage covers available, you can tailor your solution to fit your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s tensioned covers, providing self-support for slurry tanks, or floating covers, sitting atop slurry pits or lagoons, there’s a cover perfectly suited to your storage setup.

What are the Benefits of Slurry Tank Covers?

Slurry storage covers benefit everyone, you, as the farmer, the surrounding population and even the environment.

For the farmers, your cover acts as a sturdy shield, protecting your stored slurry from the elements – rain, wind, and harsh sunlight included. By keeping slurry contained, they safeguard its nutrient content, safeguarding surrounding ecosystems.

Designed with environmental responsibility in mind, our slurry tank covers meet DEFRA compliance standards, reducing your farm’s ecological footprint. Considering that slurry and manure contribute to a significant 9% of agricultural ammonia emissions in the UK, investing in a store cover becomes crucial for reducing air pollution and safeguarding both the environment and your neighbours. Bad smells will leave you with disgruntled neighbours otherwise.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Our covers offer substantial economic advantages too. By ensuring your slurry management practices are the best they can be, you’ll enhance farm efficiency, reduce waste, and maximise resource utilisation. After all, the more nutrients you retain in your slurry, the richer your fertiliser, and the better your crop yields!

With our quality slurry tank covers, you can streamline your operations, minimise maintenance costs, and improve overall productivity, all while promoting sustainable farming practices.

Slurry Tank Maintenance: Thorough Inspections

By staying on top of regular slurry tank maintenance, you’re helping to prolong its lifespan and prevent costly repairs down the line.

There’s many tips and tricks to help you keep your slurry storage in good condition. This includes checking the valves, visually inspecting the tank for rusting and corrosion, and ensuring your slurry liner is free from holes and rips. Your slurry tank cover plays an important role in this maintenance regime, acting as a protective barrier against wear and tear.

With the unpredictable British weather throwing everything it has at us, weather damage is a constant concern. But fear not – weather-proofing slurry storage with covers is the best way to shield the tank from the external elements.

Engineered to withstand everything from heavy rain and snow to intense sunlight and temperature fluctuations, our covers provide an impenetrable barrier against the elements, ensuring your system remains protected and operational for years to come.

Meeting the Requirements for Tank Covers

Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards isn’t just a box to tick – it’s a vital responsibility for every farmer. At AWSM Farming, we recognise the critical importance of adherence to these regulations, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the guidance and tools necessary to meet and maintain compliance.

When it comes to slurry storage, there are specific regulations that must be followed. For instance, slurry stores must maintain a safe distance of at least 10 metres from inland freshwaters or coastal waters. Additionally, storing slurry within 50 metres of any spring, well, or borehole is strictly prohibited.

Help From Our Experts

Maintaining compliance with regulatory standards can be daunting, but at AWSM Farming, we're here to help you navigate the process. Our team of experts can guide you through the steps required to ensure that your slurry tank covers meet all necessary requirements, from initial installation to ongoing maintenance.

Speak to the Specialists

Installed a new or expanded slurry store? DEFRA outlines that they must be covered before use. If you’ve got an existing uncovered store, this can continue to operate under certain conditions. However, a written plan outlining proposals for covering or replacing them must be submitted to the Environment Agency with your permit application. And as stated earlier, any slurry tank covers must be covered by 2027.

Choosing the Right Slurry Store Cover for You

Choosing the right slurry cover is a crucial decision tailored to your farm’s unique requirements. From the size of your operation to the type of storage system you utilise, finding the right fit is essential for maximising efficiency and minimising maintenance.

Floating Slurry Store Cover:

Our floating covers provide comprehensive protection, ensuring your slurry remains in optimal condition. Versatile, low-maintenance, and cost-effective, they’re suitable for various applications, from tanks to lagoons. Offering a budget-friendly alternative to tensioned covers, they don’t compromise on quality or performance.

Tensioned Slurry Store Cover:

For top-notch protection against the elements, our tensioned covers are unbeatable. Custom-made to fit your specifications, they prevent rainwater ingress and nitrogen escape, preserving your slurry’s integrity. Specifically designed for steel panel tanks, their durability and toughness guarantee long-lasting performance, even in the toughest conditions.

Have We Covered Everything?

So, to pardon the pun, we think that covers just about everything you need to know about slurry tank covers. 

From economic benefits to environmental advantages, they’re an essential investment for modern farms.