21 February 2019

How can utilising agricultural contracting in Yorkshire benefit your local digestate storage?

Digestate (in any form), when used in the correct circumstances, is a fantastic alternative to artificial fertilisers and traditional slurry spreading. Not only can the product help restore soil health, but it can also improve the local ecosystem, enhance worm activity, and allows farmers to gain more grazing days. 

The benefits of implementing digestate solutions are regularly lauded, and, when paired with suitable agricultural contracting, can make the installation of appropriate digestate storage easy, meaning you can start reaping the rewards of the product immediately.

Benefits of local digestate storage

The main benefit of installing digestate storage on your land is convenience. Gone is the need to wait for product deliveries, and so too is the risk of missing vital spreading dates due to miscommunications. Instead, the product is always on-hand and can be applied as and when it is needed, without having to wait for third party involvement.  

In addition to this, digestate storage can be installed easily on your land – all it takes is a team of appropriate agricultural contractors and your digestate tank or lagoon could be installed in as little as 48 hours.  

Utilising agricultural contracting in Yorkshire

Agricultural contractors can be crucial for the efficient installation of both standard and bespoke digestate storage solutions.

Every year, AWSM Farming & AWSM Recycling provide farms with agricultural contracting in Yorkshire and beyond. These teams are well-equipped for dealing with any queries that farmers and agricultural landowners may have about digestate storage and similar digestate solutions.

In addition to being able to install appropriate digestate storage to suit the needs of the land, farmers can also provide recommendations for optimum spreading times while ensuring that all digestate storage solutions adhere to the correct and proper legislation. Collectively, this can help them guarantee the ROI of the product.  

As mentioned above, digestate storage tanks can be constructed on land by agricultural contractors in as little as 48 hours, increasing the ease of use of the product on land.

To summarise…

Utilising agricultural contracting teams in Yorkshire and beyond to carry out work in relation to the installation of effective digestate storage solutions can benefit both the farmer’s land and finances. By guaranteeing the ROI that digestate solutions can bring to crop production (and through gaining extra grazing days), it is clear to see why the product is revolutionising modern farming.

For further information, or to discuss digestate storage and agricultural contracting solutions, contact AWSM Farming today.